Maddie never had a security object, but Annie is attached to her blanket – her “wobble.” She imprinted on her blanket when she was six or seven months old…right when she gave up her pacifier, in fact, so I was pretty happy she had something else to soothe her that I wouldn’t eventually have to take away.

Loving her Blanket

When Annie likes you, she’ll hand you Wobble. When she’d hand me Wobble, I would jokingly say, “thank you for MY Wobble.” She’d squeal and snatch the blanket back and say, “NO! ANNIE’S Wobble!” It became a game. Sometimes she’ll run over and throw the blanket at me and say, “Annie’s wobble!” then grab it back and run, encouraging me to chase her. Other times I initiate things by pulling the blanket from her grasp when she isn’t expecting it. It’s our silly little game that belongs to just us.

Annie's Wobble!



A few weeks ago when I was visiting Jackie!, I was skyping with Annie (Skype and FaceTime are the greatest inventions ever) and asked, “Hey Annie, where’s MY Wobble?” She ran off camera and came back to show me her blanket. “Annie’s Wobble! Annie’s Wobble!” For the rest of my trip, whenever we chatted I asked her where her Wobble was, and she’d excitedly show it to me.

We actually have a back-up Wobble. Once Annie showed her preference for it, my mom called the company that made it and special-ordered another one. Knowing I was going to be in San Francisco again this past weekend, I got the back-up from my mom and brought it with me. During one of our video chats, I was going to take the My Wobble game to a new level.

I sent Mike this picture message to show her first:

MY wobble

I called a few minutes later and we chatted, and then I said, “Hey Annie, look! MY WOBBLE!” I held up the extra blanket to the camera. I was expecting her to squeal but instead the smile fell from her face. She jumped off of Mike’s lap and ran over to where she’d covered Wobble with a pillow – she’d hidden it after Mike showed her the picture I’d sent in advance. She looked more relieved when she found Wobble right where she’d left it, but when she looked back at the camera I was still there grinning, holding what looked like her Wobble.


I could hear Mike’s voice in the background, “Heather…I think you broke her brain.”

I dropped the back-up blanket and tried talking to her without it, but she was having none of it. Mike sent me a picture of her a few minutes later.

Annie's Wobble

Whoops. I think I now have to concede that it is, in fact, Annie’s Wobble.