This has been one of the most exhausting weeks of my life. I feel like I say that a lot but this time it’s for REAL. We’ve had to report every day to the PR people for Lands’ End between four and five am. Do you know what time that is in Los Angeles? ONE OR TWO AM. Basically, about an hour before I normally go to bed. So it should surprise no one that I am practically falling over exhausted.

Upon arriving on Monday we went to the Lands’ End offices where we were fit for clothing and swim suits. I spent half the day in a room marked: “Sample Closet.” It was amazing! Since we are promoting Swimsuit Confidence Week, we all needed to look our best. Other than my wedding dress, it was the first time I’d been professionally fit for anything. I could get used to it.

After we were fit for clothing, we went through media training which told us all about what we could expect during the interviews as well as the different suits, styles, and what each offered.

On Tuesday we appeared on Connecticut Style!

Connecticut Style

There was a slight problem with the transportation, so we were running late and ended up with a driver who had NO IDEA where he was going. He kept turning around and saying, “Connecticut, right?” He really made me feel like I was in good hands. NOT.

Being on Connecticut Style was a cool experience. It was very relaxed, so we were able to practice  saying what we’d learned about everyone’s suits while getting used to the cameras. That was priceless practice because Wednesday was insane. We did 26 interviews in a four and a half hour span.

Yes, twenty six. An interview for every letter in the alphabet.

A satellite media tour is bizarre because you can’t see the people you’re talking to. You just wear a little ear piece, and the interviewers ask questions while you smile at the camera and pretend you’re looking at, say, Bob from Timbuktu. And sometimes Bob from Timbuktu makes really inappropriate jokes and you have to roll with him.

Meanwhile, the writers/models had NO IDEA what was happening. They couldn’t hear the reporters from the other stations, so they had to go by our cues, and sometimes we’d have a reporter go off on a tangent about being in a Speedo. I wish I was making that part up.

Yesterday we stood outside at Good Morning America.


We were supposed to be interviewed, but things went all kooky and we ended up just “extras” in the crowd. That was fine by me after the craziness of the day before. I was also wearing my bathing suit for the first time, and was glad because it was super hot and humid. Bonus! One of the guests on Good Morning America was the chef Emeril, and I got a plate of his food to sample. Yeah, I’m a swimsuit model that eats.

Today we are wrapping up and flying home. I’ve been gone for over a week and I cannot WAIT to go home and snuggle Annie and get hugs from Mike and kisses from Rigby. It’s been so amazing, but I miss my family!!