When I was only 2 years old my parents bought a house in a brand new neighborhood, and it was soon full of new families that had kids my age. There was always someone to play with and we spent most daylight hours playing games in the street, riding bikes, or getting grass stains in someone else’s yard.

Our street seems to mostly have older kids, which is fine for now since Annie isn’t exactly at the age where I would be OK with her disappearing for hours at a time. Instead, we spend lots of time in our back yard where Rigby can join us. It’s not the big expansive back yard with the lawn like we almost bought, but we like it a lot. It’s enclosed with lots of trees, and when Annie is older we’ll be able to hike up our back hill all the way to the top.

Annie and I are enjoying all the fun things we can do in the backyard. She loves following Rigby around.

following her buddy

Rigby loves the backyard the most of all of us. I think it’s because she gets to be in the sun without being on a leash. Dogfriend loves her freedom. And it’s funny, but Rigby is a million times more likely to stay close to Annie when we’re outside vs inside.

hanging with Rigby

I’m never sure what Annie will want to do when we’re outside. There are some days when she wants to stand in front of the sliding glass door and stare at her own reflection:


Then there are other days when she’s finding tiny stones and bugs and sticks and talking to them in whispers:

a stick!

"oooh, a wock"

Or she wants to look at flowers:

smelling flowers

smelling her flower

As much as I like watching her explore, I laugh when she wants to play my favorite game, “Southern California Valley Girl Gets A Tan.”


That was my favorite game in my teenaged years.

As she grows up I’m hoping she won’t mind the lack of grass in the backyard. I’ve been trying to think of all the fun things we can do back there – sidewalk chalk, riding two-wheelers, roller skating, learning how to tap dance. She’s probably going to stop wanting me to play with her…pretty much any day now:

I barely tolerate your existence, mom.

…so I’d best enjoy it while I can, right?