Everyone wants to know why I have so many wigs. Well, I want to know why everyone DOESN’T have so many wigs! And furthermore, only one of those wigs was meant for a baby.

wiggin' it up

I bought the Native American wig for a Halloween costume:


The blond curls was one of the best birthday gifts ever.

The green wig was from a St. Patrick’s day (no pictures, boo) where I went all out.

The beaded wig I’ve had since I was a kid. I don’t think it was for anything in particular (I’m sure my mom or dad will correct me in the comments with the real story), but I LOVED it. I wore it all the time. I have a memory of wearing it to elementary school but I think I may have hallucinated that. Don’t do drugs, kids!

My brother and I grew up reading lots of books and watching TV. I know some people are like, “ew, TV!” but it was perfect for us. After we’d finish a book or a show, we’d spend hours picking up where the story left off. That could mean anything from laying on our twin beds talking way past bedtime, or playing in the backyard acting out new adventures for our favorite characters.

We would also completely make up new stories. We’d play in trees and create heroes with unique obstacles. Or we’d turn our house’s upstairs into a hotel, and take turns being hotel workers and guests. That’s where the wigs and props came in very handy.

There is nothing like a costume to help bring your imagination’s wildest ideas to life. With my girls, I started dressing them both up early. Sure, it makes for fun pictures, but I also tell stories with each outfit. When Maddie sported this look, I told her a story about a girl who was always underestimated because of her size and looks, but she always proved people wrong. Maddie loved dress up time because it was also story time. I hope Annie will, too.

My parents always encouraged my brother and me to let our imaginations run wild. I want Annabel to make up stories and dream lands, and I will absolutely keep her closet stocked with little costumes and props to help facilitate her creativity.

Summer days in the backyard and late nights when we should have been sleeping are some of my favorite memories of childhood. Did anyone else grow up like this? I would love to get new ideas to help inspire Annabel. I want her to have everything at her fingertips.