The other night, we were celebrating one of Mike’s accomplishments. He got to decide our method of celebration, and he chose ordering in (fancy food in sweatpants!). There’s a delivery service in LA that will bring you food from dozens of awesome restaurants that don’t normally deliver. Since it was his night, he got to choose the restaurant.

Mike was scrolling through the list of restaurants, saying the names of some out loud, talking to himself. Every now and then he’d go, “do you like ABC Restaurant?” and I’d say, “yeah! Whatever you want!”

He decided he wanted Italian food and narrowed it down to two places: Large Restaurant and Family Restaurant. He then asked me, “What do you think of Large Restaurant?” so I replied, “it’s not my favorite of the two options, but if you want it we can get it!”

He decided to go with Family Restaurant…and hasn’t let me hear the end of it.  “You said it was up to me, but then you said  Large Restaurant wasn’t your favorite! What was I supposed to do? Say that I still wanted it and look like a jerk?”

To which I reply, “You asked my opinion! I told you, but I said we could order from there!”

So seriously, what was I supposed to say there? He was deciding between two restaurants. Mike says I shouldn’t have given my opinion since it was his night to choose. I say he shouldn’t have asked for it!

Who is right? Also, it should be noted he ate all my leftovers the next day. Grrr.

Gratuitous judging baby photo:
totally on mommy's side.
totally on mommy’s side