If it wasn’t already clear that Annabel is Mike on the outside but me on the inside, you can add “loves parties” to the “Heather” column. She’s always throwing different parties for her dolls with elaborate themes and accessories. Sometimes she asks me if a friend can come over for one of the parties, but for the most part she’s content with her dolls, James, Rigby, and me as the guests. Or so I thought.

On Thursday I picked Annie up from school and was trying to hustle her back home because we had a full afternoon ahead of us. Annie had other plans and gave long, hug-filled goodbyes to all of her friends. I couldn’t get mad because I want her to make friends and build relationships. Once she’d finally completed her goodbyes we started walking to the car. I noticed a girl a few steps ahead of us pointing at Annie while tugging on the arm of the person next to her. I recognized her as Beth, a girl Annie has identified as one of her “bestest friends at school.”

Beth and the person she was walking with stopped and turned, obviously waiting for us to catch up. Internally I was super-anxious, but I forced myself to be breezy. We introduced ourselves and I was ready to arrange a playdate and exchange numbers and do the whole mom thing, but then I heard Beth say, “Ask Annabel’s mommy if I can come to the party!” And I was like, “Ohhhhh crap.”

Beth’s Caregiver: Beth has been telling us all about the party your daughter is having!
Me: Oh no. Annie, are you telling people we’re having a party?
Annie: We ARE having a party.
Me: *shaking my head* We’re not having a party. Annie likes to throw parties for her dolls and I think she’s exaggerating it at school.
Annie: I am NOT ex-gag-er-ating it! We ARE having a party!
Beth’s Caregiver: *raised eyebrows*
Me: *voice getting higher-pitched* No we’re not, honey! We’re not having any parties until your brother’s birthday!
Annie: Mooooommmmmy, you said I could invite friends to my party!
Me: *literally sweating profusely* Honey, why don’t we invite Beth over for a playdate! *Turning to Beth’s Caregiver* We’d love to have Beth over sometime!
Beth’s Caregiver: *walking away* Oh okay… yes…that would be nice. Have a good weekend!
Annie: Mommy, don’t forget we have to stop and get the cake for my party.
Me: *Basically passed out*

When we got in the car I said, “Annie, who did you tell we’re having a party?” and she replied, “All the kids. I told them the party was tomorrow on *our street name*  and that we were having a bounce house and costumes and so much candy.”

Soooo, not only does Beth’s Caregiver think I’m making excuses, but the whole school might think so, too? Super-excited to bring her back to school on Tuesday!

never stops talking.

And the cake will be this tall!