Bad habits! Everyone has them. I have lots of little ones. I crack my knuckles, I let my car’s gas tank get down to practically empty, and I constantly forget where I left the cordless phone.

But…I have two really big and bad habits, and they unfortunately impact everyone around me. And because I was asked to, I talk about them on this week’s Momversation.

(my hair looks adorable in this one)

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

Mike just watched the video and then said, “Why didn’t you talk about this habit, this habit, or this habit?” What the heck, Mike? I am not Mary Poppins! I am not practically perfect in every way!

He’s lucky I don’t write about HIS bad habits.

Any. Way.

What are some of yours? Do you swear a lot? Do you watch too much TV (I laughed typing that, because you can never watch too much TV)? Do you bite your nails? Drink from cartons? Twirl your hair? And most importantly, do you want to do anything about those habits?