Snug in a snuggleMadeline is sleeping on my chest right now. It’s a bit of a magic trick balancing her there while also writing on the computer. Mike does it all day when he’s working on a script so I am going to attempt it.

Maddie has been really sleepy today. We played a lot this morning and since then she’s been totally out, only waking up to eat. Her appetite is back with a vengeance, though – she’s powering through four ounces during each feeding, which is a lot of food for her. Maybe she’ll beat Tara’s son to ten pounds yet! She doesn’t normally sleep this much but she is still healing from her time in the hospital.

Her medications all seem to be working well. She is getting five breathing treatments a day along with an antibiotic. When we filled her antibiotic prescription, we forgot to ask the pharmacist to flavor it, but luckily he flavored it anyway. We figured that he chose a typical kid flavor like cherry or banana, like she’d had in the hospital. Apparently, this pharmacist has a sense of humor, because her antibiotic tastes like a pina colada (of course I tasted it! Pina colada, hellooo). It is very strange to kiss my baby and have her smell like she just got back from the pool bar.

Maddie just shifted and snuggled her head into my chest. Rigby, in turn, shifted and is now on my stomach. Snuggling at home is a million times better than in the hospital.