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As I mentioned yesterday, I wrote down everything I did for over a week to help get myself on a good work-from-home schedule. Besides the fact that I get almost no sleep, I also saw that I have zero time to myself. I know that’s par for the course for parents no matter the work situation. We only get so many hours of the day, and when we have leisure time we usually choose to spend it with our children. This is partly because we want to (because they’re rad), partly because we know these moments are fleeting, and partly because (if we’re being honest) we feel like we’re selfish if we choose to spend time by ourselves instead of with our kids.

In the thirty seconds between when my head hits the pillow and I pass out, I think about what I would do if I had more time. What do I truly enjoy doing with myself right now? If I had the time, how would I fill it (besides napping)? I’ve read many books on careers and finding your passion, and I know that identifying what makes you happy can help you find satisfaction at work. As you know, I am feeling a lot of frustration there lately.

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed creating things and using my sewing machine. I have always been a “take it apart and put it back together” kind of person, but I’d never found a way to use that part of my brain other than to assemble furniture (I seriously adore putting together furniture). When I’m figuring out how to make something, the hours fly by. I love the trial and error involved with making something new, and I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants instead of follow a pattern (although, I bought a pattern this week that I’m going to force myself to follow because I know it’s important that I learn).

Craft zen

Sooooo many ideas.

This is why I’ve been posting so many DIYs here lately. The only way I don’t feel guilty about spending time in my office/sewing/craft room is if I make the time I spend in there “work” by turning it into a tutorial.  It also has the added bonus of giving me the work satisfaction that keeps me motivated.When I see a tutorial I created on Pinterest, I get excited. Even though I’ll likely never see that pinner’s finished product, I can point to that pin and get the, “hey, I did that” feeling that I often lack with many of my freelance writing projects. I’ve noticed lately that when I’m feeling stressed, sitting in my office/sewing/craft room makes that fall away. But since there are about 1,187 different ways Annie and James can get into trouble in that room, I don’t spend much time in there.

It’s funny how the things that make you happy evolve. I’ve always been fairly creative but I never in a million years would have predicted a sewing machine and a bunch of craft supplies would make me happy. I don’t know what this will lead to down the road, if anything, but I know I have to let go of the guilt. When I have the time, I have to grab some for just me.

Of course, if I had the time I would also clean my house, organize my closets, and cook delicious meals from scratch, but this is supposed to be about the funnnnnnnn stuff.