Our house has these wonderful vaulted ceilings that make everything bright and airy. 95% of the time, this is a good thing. The other 5% is when it’s cold. And I know some of you will say “BAH it’s not cold in California” and to you I say BAH back because your homes were probably built with fancy insulation. Mine was not. It’s lovely on hot days but during the colder months it’s drafty and all the heater warmth rises to the tops of those lovely vaulted ceilings.

(I just looked at my weather app and it’s 36° (2°C) outside and there’s a snowflake icon! WTFBBQ this is LA!)

Mike sleeps in, no joke, two pairs of socks, sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a hooded sweatshirt. I sleep in a tank top and shorts. So, clearly we have very different internal temperatures. I think he’s a wuss and he thinks I’m crazy. I can’t handle layers like that when I’m sleeping, the sheets and comforter are enough to keep me warm.

While she sleeps in the morning

I have no idea what Annie’s body temperature is. I remember reading once that you should dress your baby in one layer warmer than what you wear. I think she needs more layers than what I wear, but certainly less than Mike “could I BE wearing any more clothes?” Spohr. So on these cold nights I’ve been dressing her in fleece footie pajamas, but she’s woken up crying at three a.m. the last few days in a row saying, “Annie cold! Annie cold!”

I’m not sure what to do to combat this other than bring her in to snuggle with me, which is not gonna happen – Mike is taking up all of the bed with all his layers of clothing. And I can’t afford to crank the heater up to 80° every night. Should I put her in another layer, so she’s sleeping in TWO fleece onesies? Should I give her a blanket (although she always kicks them off)? Is she even old enough for a blanket/comforter thing?

These are the things I think about while she’s keeping me up at night. Cold weather mamas, any suggestions?