Even though my birthday is a MERE three weeks away, I have been busy helping the girls think of what to get Mike for Father’s Day. I am so selfless, always thinking of others. I seriously deserve an SLR Camera or something.

So anyway, I was helping the girls think of a present. The girls are Madeline and Rigby, of course. The dog always gives a present. I threw around a bunch of ideas, but Maddie and Rigby came up with a brilliant idea on their own. They had to pool their allowance and use my credit card, but I think Mike will be very happy with what they chose.

Maddie ordered it while I was at work. No, Rigby couldn’t order it – she doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Makes it hard to type. Here’s Maddie, clicking away on the typewriter, getting her daddy the best present ever!

Concentrating verrrrrrry hard

I know. It’s Friday. I’m tired.