Teenage girls shouldn’t read this post because it will give them the wrong idea. But people, I realized something this week. My baby? Is fun.

Maddie Trump

Sure, she is going through this really REALLY annoying growth spurt that causes her to wake up every 90 minutes to eat, and she’s started to get just a little bit clingy which makes it hard to put her down and get stuff done, and don’t get me started on her refusal to nap. (Hmm, maybe teenagers SHOULD read this post).

Finally she sleeps

Besides all that really annoying stuff, she has turned into this intoxicating little force. She squeals with delight when Mike or I walk into a room. When she’s on her tummy, she looks around, rolls over, and smiles her big grin, totally pleased with herself. And, last night, I was laughing at Mike when Maddie suddenly started laughing, too. When I stopped laughing, she stopped laughing. When I started laughing again, she started laughing again. It was so awesome.

hello there batter

But, I think my favorite thing might be when she reaches for me, and when I take her, she snuggles into my neck and coos with contentment.

totally not into the game

Every day she gets a little bit bigger. We’ve officially moved her into Size 2 diapers (although size ones still fit), and some 3-6 month clothes are actually looking about right on her little frame. We’ll get her weight & height on Monday, when she reaches nine months old. She is rolling over like a champ now, and she is getting sooo close to sitting up without help. Then, before I know it, she’ll be crawling and we’ll have to baby-proof and holy cow, where is my little bitty girl?

I dunno about that

It’s amazing to watch her grow, to see her mind expand and sometimes explode with new knowledge. I want to drink in these moments with her before she’s too cool for me (although, I am very cool). Soon she’ll be able to crawl and then run (because there’s no way she’ll do something ordinary like walk), and while I’m looking forward to those milestones, right now I’m just happy that she looks at me with love.

welcome home mommy!