I get so irritated when I’m in the kitchen in the morning, making coffee and minding my own business, and someone comes in and says, “That’s an awful lot of coffee you’ve got there.” I have a mug that holds three cups of coffee, and I know that because I ONCE made that many cups. Nowadays, I always stick to two cups, but the mug is big. This happened this morning. I said to the person, “it’s just two cups.” And he said back, “It’s not good for you.” Shut up! I stared at him as he made himself a cup of coffee before going back to my desk. Damn hypocrite.

It’s really freaking hot here in LA, like the rest of the country. For some reason, our house is set up so that the air conditioning only reaches the front rooms. The two bedrooms don’t get any air at all. It’s MISERABLE at night. Mike has a higher body temperature than I do, and he tosses and turns all night. I feel so bad for him. Usually, my temperature drops at night, but lately that hasn’t mattered. We have fans going full blast and that helps, but it isn’t great. Probably because Rigby goes and sleeps in front of it! Poor puppy, she is suffering the most with all that fur! After I got home from work yesterday, Mike and I went to the grocery store. Now THAT is the place to be when it’s 105 degrees outside! I was positively shivering.

Work has been brutal lately. We’re mired in a terrible slump, having won only one game since July 13. It’s bad timing from a sales standpoint, but being a fan of the team, too, it’s just killing me. On Saturday I helped out at a baseball clinic at the stadium for women and kids, and it was unbearably hot. The group around the water coolers was bigger than any group I was instructing! By the time I got home, I had a horrible headache. I don’t know how I was able to play three softball games in that heat back when I was a kid.

Next week Mike and I are going to Hawaii for Catherine’s wedding! I have finally let myself get excited about it. I didn’t want to think about it for the longest time because whenever I look forward to something, time slows to a standstill. I just can’t believe that it’s already the end of July! Where has summer gone? I don’t even have a tan.