There are no pictures of me in this post because I am covered in glitter spray paint. You know what requires several washings to remove from your skin? Glitter spray paint. I have a hot date with a body scrub and some steel wool.

I used the glitter spray paint on some fake pumpkins I have. I came across the stuff when I was in line waiting to buy some other items – an impulse purchase  for sure. But then I ran with the whole glitter sparkle pumpkin thing. I sprayed one silver, one gold, and one black. My self-glittering happened when I didn’t anticipate the wind. I sprayed the pumpkins outside and apparently there were rogue bits of glitter that flew out of the paint and onto my person. But, Annie says I look like a sparkly princess so I guess it’s not a total loss.

I made this pumpkin with black glitter spray paint and gold house numbers I bought at Home Depot.

address pumpkin

This pumpkin used gold glitter spray paint, two different sizes of sequins, and sequin pins.

gold glam

And this one was just silver glitter spray paint and sticky-backed fake gemstones.

silver glam

I also got my dad to come over last week to help me with a light-up pumpkin. We cut the bottom off of a craft pumpkin, then my dad drilled forty holes around the pumpkin at random.

drill holes in yo' pumpkin

I took a string of Christmas lights and poked them through the holes.

push lights through yo holes
Look at my skin, unmarred by glitter. Simpler times.

I didn’t test the lights until AFTER I’d pushed them into the pumpkin. That would have sucked if the strand hadn’t worked. Annie was amazed by the pumpkin.

annie is amazed

I put all my fancy pumpkins together, along with the rhinestone skull I got for 50% off at Michael’s and my fake flowers with spiders and webs (“ew Mama, the flowers got spiders“).

glam pumpkins


glam pumpkins

I think they go nicely with my wreaths and felt pumpkin. In fact, I don’t think I have enough pumpkins.

Decorative Gourd Season!!

Not pictured: The pumpkins on my porch (I have…some) or the mini pumpkin and squash collection that is growing in my dining room (I have…many). I am addicted to decorative gourds. I’m going to the pumpkin patch (again) tomorrow (for reals).