I had a religion requirement to fill in college (still scratching my head about WHY I had a religion requirement, but I digress). After looking through my course book, I settled on Jewish History. My reasons for this were many. First, my college roommate and my sorority little sister were both Jewish, and they said they’d help me. Second, it fit perfectly into my schedule. And third (and most tellingly), I knew the fall was chalk-full of Jewish holidays so class would often be canceled!

Despite my less than stellar intentions, I learned a lot in that class. I wrote a paper on Hanukkah that the professor awarded with an A+ (my mad paper-writing skillz got me through college). I was constantly surprised by stuff that I already knew. All those years in choir singing Jewish songs at the holidays paid off!

Mike and I want to raise Maddie with an understanding of all religions. Since you’re never too young to start learning, I thought the second night of Hanukkah would be a good time to start introducing Maddie to some basic things. You know, holy dreidel head-bobbers and spiritual chocolate gelt.

I think the head-bobbers were probably a bad idea.

What? Everyone should be so lucky to have a beautiful pair of dreidel head bobbers.

This picture is just begging for a caption contest.