Last week Mike and I were invited by my friend Jessica to a super cool concert, Rock A Little, Feed A Lot. Since I am trying to make more of an effort to leave my house, we attended and I’m glad we did. It was put on by Feeding America, the Nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.

We had really awesome seats in the balcony, but the craziest thing was that our seats attached to the VIP area. At one point I got up to use the bathroom (as Binky gets bigger my iron bladder gets weaker), and, upon walking through the VIP area, found myself in a room made up entirely of famous people. There I was, this little pregnant lady in a tunic from Urban Outfitters, walking past gorgeous and skinny celebs like Christina Applegate and Alison Sweeney who were wearing what I can only assume was NOT Urban Outfitters. Totally surreal.

When I got back to my seat I told Mike about all the celebs I just walked past, and he told me that it was unfortunate I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I looked down, momentarily mortified, until I realized Mike was just being “funny.”

Later I was very excited when Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow came out to introduce Sheryl Crow. Not because I’m a Sheryl Crow fan (I am) but because the set up for Sheryl’s instruments ran a little long, so Lisa Kudrow sang “Smelly Cat.” You know, the song  made famous by her character, Phoebe, on “Friends!” Usually when I’m in a situation like this I think, “Man, it would have been cool to have my video camera for that,” then kick myself later when I remember that my phone has video. But this time, I got video!

Me for the win!

The best part of the night,  however, was when Isla Fischer and Alanis Morissette came on stage to announce that ConAgra Foods donated $10 million to Feeding America to help fight child hunger. In addition to that, for every person that becomes their fan on facebook, they’ll donate $10. I was blown away to see such generosity, but more than that, I was inspired. I hope that someday Friends of Maddie will have a positive impact on the world just like Feeding America.  We have big aspirations for Friends of Maddie and take heart in knowing that even a widly successful charity like Feeding America started small, just like us.