Four years ago, I wrote about the time I had Glamour Shots taken. I knew there was a sheet of proofs floating around somewhere, but my mom and I couldn’t find them. I worried the hilarity was lost forever…and then last week I stumbled across the proof sheet in some of my old photo boxes. YAY! These might be the best/funnest pictures taken of me ever. I just laugh and laugh looking at them because I look so different. I look like I’m forty in the pictures, but I was freshly fourteen years old. When I showed the proof sheet to Annie she said, “Who’s that?” Exactly.

Glamour Shots, Row 1

Annie pointed to the third one from the left and said, “I like that one.” Which is interesting because that’s the one my parents chose to blow up all huge and display by their front door. I really can’t believe they didn’t pick the second picture. Who doesn’t want to look at a faux-sexy fourteen-year-old as they walk out the door?

Glamour Shots Row 2

The second picture! OMG. What is even happening?! I am too young to show that much shoulder. The first picture I look like a dear in the headlights. And in the third picture, I kind of look like I might key your car.

Glamour Shots Row 3

Nothing can even compare to the cowboy hat/pleather bedazzled jacket combo. Nothing.

Glamour Shots Row 4

Again with the weird faux-sexy face. My hair is pretty rad, though. I wish it was still naturally that color.

I love these photos, but I do wish there were some nice studio portraits of me taken without all that hair and makeup, to show Annie someday. Ha, I just googled it and Glamour Shots is still around! I think taking Annie there would be hilarious, especially if they gave her giant hair.