When Maddie was born she had tons of black hair. Then, when she was in the NICU, she had to get a large part of her head shaved so a scalp IV could be placed. I fretted about her bald spot, scared it would never grow back. I used to rub it the shaved patch and chant, “grow back, grow back, grow back.”

When she was about a month adjusted age, her hair did what baby hair usually does – it all fell out. Then I started rubbing her entire head hoping it would all grow back. And it slowly came back in, much lighter and wispier.

A couple of months ago we started to notice that Maddie’s hair was coming in curly. I was excited, because curls on little kids are the cutest things ever. I’ve had tons of fun brushing her curls up so they’re more prominent. I finally got to use the hair clips I bought months and months ago.I started thinking about all the different hair styles I’d twist and manipulate her hair into.

What I wasn’t expecting is how SOON I’d be able style her hair. It’s grown like wild fire. It’s suddenly clear why Maddie hasn’t been gaining weight – all those nutrients are going to her hair.

her hair grows so fast

Her gorgeous curly blond hair. Eat your heart out, boys.

her hair grows so fast