Last week, Mike caught Annie trying to climb out of her crib. She was straddling the railing, thinking about her next move. The next day, I caught her trying to escape. Throwing a leg over hadn’t worked for her the day before, so she’d decided to go head first. I found her with her stomach on top of the railing, head far over the side, with just the tips of her toes still on the mattress. Mike and I decided that day that it was time to make the transition into a big girl bed.

Annie is somewhat territorial, so I started prepping her right away. I told her that a big girl bed was coming, and that it was a super-awesome amazing thing. I told her that her older friends Reilly and Meghan have big girl beds. I reminded her that she’d just seen her cousin Michaela’s big girl bed. She was pumped. “Mama, my big girl bed is coming! I going to sleep in it, ’cause I’m a big girl!”

I personally have been dreading this transition for months. Annie likes her bedtime routine, but does not actually like going to sleep. I feared it would be impossible to keep her in her room, let alone her bed. But besides the escape attempts, it was time to make the switch: she’s getting too big to lift into the crib. the crib itself was getting snug, and I wanted her to be fully adjusted to a new bed before we started potty training.

Yesterday my parents brought over a full-sized bed that they were no longer using, which worked out perfectly because Annie’s crib converted into a full-sized headboard. While I sat on the floor taking apart the crib, I got a little nostalgic. I’d picked out the crib and matching furniture five years ago when I was pregnant with Maddie. It was before my water had broken and everything had gone to hell. It was a good crib that safely held both of my babies.

first nap in her crib

she loves to sleep on her side

I couldn’t reminisce for long – my dad and I had to work fast to get the bed set up because Annie was anxious.

Rigby loves it, too
Rigby was anxious, too.

Annie was thrilled when she saw her new bed.


loving her big girl bed

But then, even though she’d watched us take apart her crib and set up the majority of her new bed, it suddenly all hit her and she had a freak out.

having a momentary freak out

I started to panic, like, CRAP! SHE IS NEVER GOING TO SLEEP IN THIS BED WE ARE SCREWED! But she got over it pretty quick when she realized, and I quote, “My bed is so so comfy!”


I think her toys had something to do with that declaration, too.

playing in her big girl bed

She still wasn’t thrilled when it was time to turn off the lights, and it took Mike and me taking turns sitting in her room talking to her, but she finally fell asleep.

passed out

Sideways. Which must feel like such a luxury to her considering this is what she’s used to:

last night in her crib

I’d say the first night was a moderate success but…ask me again in the morning.