Last week Mike and I spent two hours in an IRS office making sure our tax issues were fixed. Out of the two hours we spent there, three minutes were spent actually accomplishing anything. The rest of the time, we sat in the hot waiting room while I slowly lost my mind. Yaaaay government!

Now that our tax stuff IS all squared away, we can start looking for houses again. Our sweet corner house was snatched up immediately, so it’s back to square one. Honestly, as much as we want and need to move, it’s been really hard to get excited about looking for a house again. It’s like dating after a break up…I don’t wanna get hurt again! So we’re easing back into the market slowly.

We spent some time this past weekend dipping our toe back into the house pool. Luckily for us, Annie thought looking at houses was the GREATEST! THING! EVER! Whenever we walked into a house she gasped and went “WOW!” Realtors thought she was hilarious. Then she ran around going, “whoa, whoa, wow!” every time she found a new room. The kid was so excited I’m pretty sure the realtors expected her to make an offer at any moment. She definitely made me less-grumpy about house hunting again.

The advantage to having looked for houses since the dawn of time is that we know exactly what we want. The problem is finding what we want in the same house. Mike really likes houses with awesome curb appeal and amazing outdoor space. I like those things too, but I prefer a house that is turn-key on the inside. I am willing to do work on the outside of a house if the inside is great. Mike is the opposite.

We saw some houses this weekend that had jaw-dropping insides – totally tricked out and updated. And we saw some that had yards that made you feel like you’d stepped onto a tropical island – a vacation in the back yard. But we didn’t see a house in our price range that had both. And with the exception of the corner house, we haven’t ever seen a house with both. And we don’t expect to, unless we win the lottery…which is kind of hard to do when you never buy a ticket.

So, now we are trying to make the decision about what is best for our family – a great interior for our family to relax and expand in, or an awesome backyard to run around and play in. There are pros and cons to each, so I told Mike I was going to ask all of you for advice. It’s a huge purchase (obviously) so we need all the opinions we can get!