This is Heather’s friend Meghan, posting what Heather emailed me and TOLD me to post.  Even under stress, she’s bossy.


Maddie had a cough on Saturday and obvious congestion on Sunday night. Mike and I put her on oxygen for Sunday night into Monday, but it did little to ease her discomfort. On Monday I brought her to Dr. Looove’s office, where her oxygen saturation measured between 65 – 75. This. Is BAD – it should be in the 90s. Dr. Looove and the nurses gave her treatments and oxygen, but when six liters of oxygen didn’t improve her condition, it became clear she needed to go to the hospital. They called NINE ONE ONE! And a fire truck and ambulance came. Maddie and I rode to the hospital with the lights on and the sirens blaring, it was surreal. In the ER, an IV was started, x-rays were taken, and blood work was run. Maddie started to spike a fever and it’s gone steadily up since her arrival in the ER. Her heart rate is very high, and her respiratory rate is alarmingly high – about 65 – 75 breaths per minute. The doctors admitted her to the Pediatric ICU. This is good in that she has constant, intense monitoring, but bad because that means Mike and I can’t sleep with her. There has been talk of a ventilator because the doctors don’t want her to get too tired and stop breathing.

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff, but that’s the gist at the moment. I’ll update the blog when I can, but be sure to check my Twitter account and Meghan’s Twitter account for updates.

Thanks for all your hopes and prayers. They don’t know what’s wrong, and I’m scared.