I made another craft. Well, specifically, I made two crafts. I really enjoyed making the felt Jack O’Lantern last week, so I decided to continue on my self-imposed weekly Halloween challenge. I have a ton of things on my Pinterest boards, but I have tried to come up with a few new things. Which is hard, because Pinterest has all of the things. But whatever, I am trying, right? Right. And I’m having fun!

I know, I don’t even recognize myself.

My Halloween door wreath last year was pathetic, so I decided to make a new one. Actually, I decided to make two new ones because I have double front doors. I walked around the fabric store again, and got inspired when I came across the feather boas.

feather halloween wreath

I grabbed two six-foot feather boas, a nine-inch styrofoam wreath, some straight-pins, and some “creepy” accessories to attach to the wreath. When I was buying the stuff, I wasn’t sure if I would go with the bloodshot styrofoam eyes or the glow-in-the-dark bats.

feather halloween wreath

I started by pinning one end of the boa to the styrofoam, and then I started wrapping it. I quickly discovered that if I wrapped it too tightly, I wouldn’t have enough feather boas to cover the entire thing.

feather halloween wreath

Each boa should cover half of the wreath. When I reached the end of the first boa I pinned the end, then started wrapping the second boa. When you’re done, fluff the feathers to cover any bald spots.

feather halloween wreath

I decided to go with the styrofoam eyes to dress-up the wreath. I used the straight-pins to attach them directly.

feather halloween wreath

I played around with the placement and finally settled on this:

black feather halloween wreath with eyes

Annie said, “Mama! That fluffy thing is looking at me!”

For the other wreath…I really like how it turned out. But because I am a dummy, I made a mess.

fur halloween wreath

I found these 9×12 inch pieces of craft fur that I thought were interesting. I grabbed two of those, another nine-inch styrofoam wreath, and my straight-pins.

fur halloween wreath

First, I cut the fur in half, length-wise. Then I cut each half into four-inch pieces. THIS IS WHERE I MADE A MESS.

fur halloween wreath

Do you see how I parted the fur there? That is what I SHOULD have done to start with. Instead, I cut the first few pieces of the fur willy-nilly, releasing thoooooousands of tiny strands of fake fur all over the place. Then I had to vacuum my house and myself.

vacuuming myself
a cautionary tale

Mike thought this was hilarious.

Anyway. Then I started pinning the fur to the wreath.

fur halloween wreath

I overlapped each piece, making sure the fur was “flowing” in the same direction so it would cover up the gaps.

fur halloween wreath

When I was done, the back of the wreath looked like this:

fur halloween wreath

Then I took plastic spiders and nestled them into the fur (see what I mean about the fur going in the same direction?).

fur halloween wreath

Even touching fake spiders gives me the willies.

white fur halloween wreath with spiders

Annie said, “Mama, look! Spiders! EWWW!”

I like how the two wreaths look next to each other:

halloween wreaths

two diy halloween wreaths

I hung the wreaths on a long nail, but you could also use fishing wire if need be.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to vacuum myself again. I can still feel that fake fur all over me.