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We’re finally home.

All I have to say is, thank goodness for Dr. Looove, or I’m pretty sure Maddie would still be in the hospital. The resident that was in charge of Maddie on Friday just did NOT want to let her leave. He wasn’t comfortable with sending her home on oxygen and frequent breathing treatments. And, while I understood and appreciated his concerns, 24-hour oxygen and breathing treatments are the kind of things I take in stride. I just wanted OUT of that hospital. Luckily, Dr. Looove agreed.

Every four hours (even at night) I have to give Maddie a breathing treatment, and she’s getting prednisolone (a steroid) twice a day. I have to give her chest PT to help with her congestion, and at the moment she’s on an all-liquid diet. And we are again tethered to the oxygen rocket. I don’t mind, though, since it’s infinitely better than being tethered to the hospital bed. Plus, it gives me lots of time to put on my white coat and practice my at home doctorin’.

Dr. Mom

I got the stethoscope from the hospital. Since Maddie is so contagious, the nurses were just going to throw it away, so I asked for it. Maddie H-A-T-E-S the stethoscope. The second anyone comes near her with one, she immediately starts to cry. Every baby has a breaking point, I guess the stethoscope is hers. Unfortunately, with RSV she’s seen lots of stethoscopes so she’s done lots of crying. Her voice is so hoarse and raw, she’s like a baby Kathleen Turner when she babbles.

We spent an hour playing with the stethoscope today (I’m running out of ways to keep this child amused, can you tell?). I am freaking determined to remove her fear of stethoscopes. We listened to her doll, her bunny, my teddy bear, daddy, you name it. Luckily, it seems to be removing some of the stigma.

52/365: Self Exam

She’s gonna be a doctor when she grows up!