Mike was gone the last five days for a business trip, which meant every possible clichéd thing happened:

~Annie didn’t nap on any of the days he was gone. No nap. And she woke up at 6am on two of the days.

~Annie also got sick with a runny nose and cough. I was convinced it was from her two-year molars, until…

~ I got sick, with one of those swallowing-razors sore throats. I am a baby about sore throats. Wah.

~ SPIDERS EVERYWHERE. On the ceiling, on the wall, everywhere I look, there is a spider. I am ready to burn my house down.

This was my first extended amount of time in our new house without Mike. And…man, I was really a wimp about it. I hate being in a house alone at night. This is a house that is constantly settling, popping and cracking no matter the hour, but at night the same noises I ignore all day scare me. I don’t know what it is about being alone in a house that scares me more than being in an apartment.

Last night Rigby was particularly agitated. She barks during the day when she sees birds and such, but at night she is normally calm as can be (even when there actually IS a reason to bark). Except last night, she was running around like crazy, and most disconcertingly, standing at the window to the backyard, barking like a nut. I was pretty annoyed-slash-concerned, and then someone rang my doorbell. RING RING RING three times in a row. Oh, and it was 9:45pm.

I about had a freaking heart attack. Rigby went nuts. I went to the door and peered out the peep-hole…and saw nothing. No freaking WAY was I going to open the door. I’ve seen plenty of horror movies. Instead, I went in Annie’s room to get her back to sleep  (doorbell + barking = “Gwamma! Gwamma is here!”), and then I might have stayed in there all night, in her rocking chair. To protect her, obviously. Not at all because I was freaked out and needed a two-year old to make me feel better. Definitely not. (And I definitely didn’t jump out of my skin when she screamed in the middle of the night for reasons unknown.)

I am so glad Mike is home today. Annie missed him like crazy. I missed him, too, and not just because he investigates every bump in the night and makes me feel safe. He also takes care of me when I’m sick. And I really like him a lot. And he kills spiders, UGH so ready to burn this place down.

We were up all night, partying.
sickies on the couch