Despite Annie’s pneumonia, she has been making some incredible strides. She is walking more, using words as commands (up! and no!), and being really affectionate. The affection is the best part. She’ll come over and give us unprompted kisses, or stroke my arm, or (my favorite) give us hugs. Hugs! So cute.

But OMG. With the good comes the bad. She has tantrums. That’s not the hardest thing in the world to deal with, because she eventually gets distracted or falls asleep. But her latest “trick” is HITTING. She’ll slap your hand away when she’s done eating. She’ll will hit her toys when she’s frustrated. And she hits US…pretty much whenever she doesn’t get her way. And even when she does get her way.

She hits me in the face. MY FACE IS MY FORTUNE YOU GUYS. OK not really, but I don’t want to be at the grocery store with a black eye, and have to explain to people that my 13 month old gave it to me. Parent abuse is not OK.

So far, I put her down on the floor away from where I am whenever she hits me. I’m not sure she’s really getting why I’m putting her down, though. I don’t want to put her in her crib and have her associate her crib with punishment. I’m really at a loss. How can I teach her that this is unacceptable behavior?

Please tell me this is a phase, because I really don’t want to be getting phone calls from her school in a few years. I need to nip this hitting in the bud not only to save my sanity, but also my FACE.