I’ve always wanted to see a baby be born. My C-Sections didn’t allow me to see either of my babies come into the world. I didn’t see my girls until they were both wrapped in blankets, snug and beautiful. I am so happy with my births, but I have always wondered what it would be like to have a baby “the old fashioned way.”

This weekend, I was honored to witness the birth of my friend Meghan‘s baby. I was IN THE ROOM!

I got a text from her at 12:45 on Saturday saying that her water broke. We live about 90 miles from each other, so I immediately gathered my things, made arrangements for Annie to hang with my parents, and hit the road. Meghan has two older sons and their births were fast, so I was determined to make it on time. I cried in the car on the drive up, so emotional about the opportunity to witness such a special event. I knew better than to cry in front of Meghan, though. She’d kick my ass.

When I arrived, she was getting her epidural, so I had some time to kill. I walked around the floor, spending lots of time looking at the mural around their NICU.

nicu graduates

When I was finally able to go in Meghan’s room, she was chilling on her bed like nothing was going on. She made my fainting episode look like a scene out of a bad TV show.  With her epidural in place, all we could do was wait.

Her husband used the downtime to pop in at a birthday party, so it was just Meghan and me hanging out. And it was so much fun, it didn’t feel like we were in a hospital at all. Laughing at the crazy sounds her body was making, talking about our kids, and being silly. Well, I was being silly.

Ready to deliver a baby
I was ready to catch that baby.

She was, you know, in bed having contractions.

I was in awe of how calm and cool she was. I wasn’t surprised, though. Meghan was my rock after Maddie died. I asked and needed so much from her, and she did everything without missing a beat. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Meghan in their lives. I am surrounded by wonderful people. I am so, so lucky.

Meghan was totally in control – she predicted he would be born before 6:30. At 6:15 the nurse told her she was fully dilated and ready to push. Things got crazy busy as the nurses prepared Meghan and the room. Meghan’s husband (who had returned) and I grabbed our cameras and got ready.

I am completely shocked that I managed to take any pictures. I was so in awe of Meghan. I think I stood there most of the time with my mouth hanging open in amazement. Three pushes, and he was out. It felt like it took five seconds. Just thinking about it now, I have goosebumps and tears. I am so overwhelmed with love and admiration and pride and a million other emotions. She pushed out a baby! WOW.

Meghan asked me to take some pictures of her beautiful new son, and I jumped at the chance.

sweet hands

being adored

tiny feet

I know she’ll share more of the photos I took of him (along with his name) on her blog.

To be there for such a special event was unreal. I feel the joy and happiness from my feet to my head, and I am holding onto it tightly. His birth was definitely one of the best days of my life. I can’t wait to tell him that some day. Thank you for letting me be there, Meghan! It meant so much to me. More than you’ll ever know.



They are both so beautiful.