Next week, we should be picking up the keys to this place:

I say “should be” because after everything we went through last time, I won’t believe we have a house until I’ve signed all the paperwork and changed the locks. No taksie-backsies!

For those of you who watch our Friday movies, you actually saw a bit of the inside. We filmed in the house when we had the home inspection (you can see it here).

This house is a bit bigger than the first one we tried to buy. The back yard isn’t as big, but it has tons of fruit trees…I can’t wait to figure out different ways to make the fruit into beverages. Sangria, anyone? To make up for the smaller backyard we have a sun room/playroom that we can use year-round. We’re really excited about it.

I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t know if the ping pong table comes with the house. But believe me, I ask about it EVERY DAY.

The kitchen is amazing:

I love this kitchen. I actually feel compelled to USE IT. Mike has dared me to try cooking something new once a week, and I think I might take him up on it. Bartending counts as cooking, right?

The front room

The family room, which includes a raised area in the back that will serve as Annie’s stage.

The master bedroom

I love the way the house is staged. It looks so grown-up. Probably because no one actually lives in the house and spills peanut butter and milk on every surface.

Just when I start to let myself get a little bit excited, I remember we have to pack. UGH. Think Annie is old enough to pack?