I like to joke that when we get even an inch of rain in Southern California we start freaking out like it’s Armageddon. That’s why this weekend was interesting because we actually got some serious rain (for us anyway) with thunder, lightning, downpours, and even hail in some places.

The storm hit as we were settling down for the night on Saturday. We could hear the rain hitting our roof and it actually was a pleasant sound to fall asleep to. That is… until a few hours later when we were suddenly roused from our deep sleep by incredibly loud high-pitched bleating from both of our cell phones. “What’s happening?” Mike said, dazed, as Rigby barked like crazy, waking Annabel, who wandered into our room, confused. When we finally grabbed our phones we saw the noise was for a “Flash flood warning” in our area.

The next day the clouds were incredibly ominous and lightning could be heard crackling in the distance. I brought Annabel to the window to show it to her, and explained to her how if you counted from the moment you see the lightning to the moment you hear it’s sound, you could gauge how far away the lightning is, and whether it is getting closer or further away. Annabel loved this (“I’ve never seen a storm before!”), and was all about counting for every flash of light we saw. Not even Mike’s strolling into the room and saying, “This is like that scene in Poltergeist” could ruin the moment.

I also was able to cross an item off my life list when I managed to capture a photo of lightning:



Not bad for an iPhone photo!

Later we went to dinner, and Annabel was adamant she had to dress appropriately for the weather, which meant pulling out her seldom-used raincoat, umbrella, and boots.

ready for rain

Yesterday morning, things dried up enough for James to go outside in his rain boots and splash around. He was in heaven:




The rain finished up yesterday, and I think we’re done for a while. I know this is small potatoes for those of you outside of California, but for our dry state this is pretty exciting. There is one member of our family who is happy the rain is gone, though: Rigby. She is not feeling going outside to do her business in the rain.