Early this morning I am flying to New York City. All I’m bringing is this:

Swimsuit Confidence

You guys, I am officially a swimsuit model. I know, I know, you always thought I had a bodacious bod and was just wasting my God-given beauty. Well, I’m making it official. Next I’ll be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

I’m just kidding around. I’m bringing more with me to NYC. But I really AM a swimsuit model now (it’s totally going on my resume). Through my other website, Curvy Girl Guide, I will be doing a bunch of press (along with my co-creator and some of our fabulous writers). Why? We’ve partnered up with Lands’ End to promote National Swimsuit Confidence Week. The point of National Swimsuit Confidence Week is to encourage women to stop being afraid to strut their stuff in a bathing suit. It’s time to be confident and show it!

Growing up in Southern California, I lived in a bathing suit all summer. My parents had a pool, and we were in it from sunrise to sunset.

jumping in the pool
I…do not know what’s on my head.

I’d run from my house to my friends’ houses, jump in their pools, and walk all over the neighborhood in just a bathing suit. At some point I learned modesty, and I started covering myself. After I had kids, I wore a bathing suit as little as possible.

We have big plans this summer – Annie is going to learn to swim – and I need to show her that the water is a fun place. I can’t have her see me on the sidelines, fully clothed. I am going to be a good example for her, and that means I am going to wear a bathing suit. And not only am I going to wear it – I’m going to be confident in it.

This morning on Curvy Girl Guide there is a picture of me in a bathing suit. GASP! I’m also going to be photographed in a bunch of bathing suits, and will even be on TV style shows, news stations, and the CBS Morning Show (I’ll post times and stations when I have them)!

This is craziness. I need to find some confidence pills.