James has been enjoying the Parent/Child class we started last month. After his (literally) bumpy first day, he’s settled in nicely and is happy around the other toddlers, even if they mostly just circle each other like semi-interested cats. I’ve liked meeting new people but I really love seeing what makes my little guy tick. I’ve learned if there’s one thing that makes James over-the-moon happy, it’s running as fast as he can.

James’ class took a field trip to the local pumpkin farm last week, and he put his “don’t hold me, don’t hold my hand, I just wanna run” skills on display.

don't hold me
I don’t care if we’re on a hay ride, put me down.

don't hold my hand
I don’t care if you’re nice and gentle, don’t hold my hand.

When he saw the wide-open pumpkin fields, he was like, “Bye Mom.”

“From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was runnnnning!!”



What’s that, James? You want to take a picture with your mom and some dear friends?



He did stop for a nanosecond to pick out a pumpkin, so mission accomplished there.

I'm just picking a pumpkin, it's cool.

And he and Cait found an animal they could scream at in their baby language (screaming baby words is his second-favorite thing to do).


I’m trying to look at the bright side of having a runner. Like the fact that I’ll easily hit my 10,000 daily steps goal! Or that Annie always wanted to be held, so it’s nice to have an independent kid! Or that he’ll surely be a star on the cross-country team someday!

I used to think strollers were invented for kids who couldn’t walk (or couldn’t walk well/for long), but in James’ case, the stroller was invented for a kid who walks too well. I’m happy I still have the stroller-containment option!