When Mike and I moved in, we set the day for a housewarming party right away. Not because we love to party, but because we knew having a party would actually force us to unpack! I also secretly knew that by having a party in October, I would be able to buy spooky decorations and Mike would go along with it. I love me some Halloween!

front of house
Lots of spiders on the front porch

front doors
Zombie crossing!

the front lawn
The front lawn

I took exactly two pictures before the party started. Then, once the party began, I was busy catching up with family and friends and didn’t take any more pictures until it was over. This is the pre-party shot of the food:

some of the food

We served savory and sweet foods. The savory food were veggies and dip, chips and salsa and guacamole, cheese and fruit, spinach dip, deviled eggs, and ham roll ups. The sweets were rice crispy treats, apple slices and caramel, pumpkin cool whip dip and graham crackers, chocolate covered frozen bananas,  Halloween popcorn, and chocolate-covered pretzels. I also made my famous sangria to go along with wine, beer, juice boxes, soda, and water.

Here it is empty table after:

dining table

I found the little lights at a drug store, and they looked so cute on the dining table.

window to play room
Cheesecloth made for spooky curtains

on bar
Styrofoam eyes and skulls helped make the dried flowers more festive. The wig is always there. Just kidding. It’s usually on Mike’s head.

front room
Pumpkins in the fireplace, and Halloween candles, pillows, and toys on display.

kitchen display
My kitchen display, with a lone left-over chocolate-covered pretzel.

first year photos
Annie and Maddie’s first year photo collages, with battery-operated candles.

bloody hand print!

the photo booth
The photo booth, which was a huge hit.

It was great to show the house to our family and friends. Now that the party is over, I don’t plan on doing any unpacking or cleaning for at LEAST a week!