LeprechaunThis morning, Mike and I were trying to figure out how Irish Maddie is. Mike is 50% Portuguese, 25% Irish and 25% German. He has definites, I do not. I have Irish, Scottish, English, and German blood. So we figure Maddie is probably half Irish…don’t ask us to do the math. I took this picture before I left for work. She is always in the best mood in the mornings. She is talking, smiling, and kicking and waving every limb. It’s hard to leave her when she’s in such a good mood, although I’m sure it would be harder to leave her if she was crying and begging me not to go. She has her daddy and doggy to play with all day so I doubt she even misses me. She has been cracking me up lately. I sing to her a lot, and she definitely prefers adult songs to nursery rhymes. This week she has always quieted down for Fiona Apple! What did I say about my little emo girl?

We had a busy weekend of visitors. Like I mentioned before, Mike’s parents were in town, so they were at our place hanging out for most of the weekend. I had a bunch of things going on so I was in and out most of the time. I hate the weekends where you come out of them more tired than when you came in. I don’t expect to ever feel rested again, but I at least aim to tread water. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

After work today I went out with a bunch of coworkers for a good friend’s birthday. It was my first post-work activity since before bed rest, and it was nice. I did realize how freaking old I am when I said to my friend next to me, “It’s so LOUD in here!” Granted, it was an extra-packed Irish restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day, but still. O-L-D.

Tomorrow I have physical therapy. All that bed rest really messed up my back, hips, and legs. Lately, the feeling has come back around where my C-Section incision is. The skin had been numb since my surgery. I figured that by the time I regained sensitivity, there wouldn’t be any pain. I was wrong! I have been getting shooting pains like crazy lately. Is this normal? I can’t stand it!