Boy, was my weekend crazy. It started with drinking on Friday and ended with death on Sunday. I may have mentioned this before, but St. Patrick’s Day is like the official holiday of Hermosa Beach. There’s a festival and a parade, even. Except for this year, because it POURED all day on Saturday. So, no parade. I can’t tell you how disappointing that was. Seriously. I love a parade (cue background music), and this one is no exception because of all the crazy people in it. It’s sort of like if the Doo Da Parade and the Rose Parade had a very small baby, it would be the Hermosa Beach St. Patty’s Day Parade. Anyway, because of the rain, it didn’t happen. So instead of enjoying High School bands and dancing midgets, we had to entertain ourselves on Saturday. So we went to Sharkeez, and we didn’t leave until the sun had gone down and the rain had stopped. Which was a long time. And then we enjoyed more beverages when we returned home. I’m sure all that drinking has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I still feel like crap two days later. Nothing at all. I took a few pictures, which I’ll post tomorrow when I actually feel like accomplishing work. This marks the third major drinking holiday in a row where I got so drunk BEFORE the holiday that I didn’t actually drink on the DAY of the holiday. This always happens with St. Pat’s and Cinco De Mayo. I get a little overzealous, I guess. I’m sure that eating a funnel cake when I was hung over didn’t do much to make my stomach feel better. Even though it has all the elements one usually requires when hung over: grease and sugar. It’s this dough that’s fried, and then you pour powdered sugar all over it. But dough is heavy. HEAVY! Don’t ever forget that. So think about all the alcohol in your stomach, and then add grease and sugar and a bunch of dough. Think that will make you feel better? Trust me, it doesn’t.