My little miracle Madeline had an amazing birthday. The famous moosh and her mom were visiting us and Maddie was OBSESSED with the moosh. She watched her every move. At one point Casey and I were playing a dancing game on my Wii and Maddie and the moosh were BOTH dancing. Yeah, I died a little inside, too. For her actual birthday, we gave Maddie a giant fist-sized cream puff. After a little coxing from the moosh, she went to town.

the birthday girl & the moosh

I’m hoping she gained weight, because whenever I eat a cream puff, I gain like 12 pounds.

Right now I’m in Napa Valley. Today is Jackie!’s 30th birthday and a bunch of her friends are here to celebrate another year. After celebrating one miracle year, I’m hoping to pay it forward to someone I love a million times over. AND, it’s another EXTREMELY special birthday. In the end, November 13th is an amazing day.

Jackie! and I raise a glass to another year!!!

We need a napa