Today is Mike’s birthday! My birthday is almost as far from Christmas as it can be (end of June), so this whole “sharing your birthday with Christmas” thing has always seemed like such a bum deal to me. But, I do understand sharing your birthday with another person, so I like to make a big thing about Mike’s birthday. He is the best husband and father, and I want him to feel as special on his birthday as he makes me feel every day.

Last year on his birthday, I was pregnant and soooo sick. I’d had grand plans but they all had to be canceled after I needed to go to the hospital for IV hydration. So this year I swore I’d make up for it…and because I’m nothing if not consistent, I’ve already managed to mess it up.

Two weeks ago I ordered a couple nice sweaters for him to wear to work. I actually let him open them last night, so he could wear one to work today. The first sweater he pulled from the box was almost identical to the one he was wearing when he unwrapped it. The second sweater…well, I don’t remember ordering him a sweater with frigging snowflakes on it, but apparently I did! So both are going to be exchanged.

Yesterday, James and I made a special trip to the grocery store. I bought all the ingredients to make cinnamon pull-apart bread. My plan was to make it after he went to bed, then surprise him with it in the morning so he could take it to work. Long story short, right before Mike went to bed I noticed that even though I’d paid for them, the biscuit rolls (only the most crucial ingredient) hadn’t made it home. Annnd, the stores were all closed so I couldn’t go get more. Instead of surprising him with his favorite breakfast, he comforted me while I cursed myself for making such a bonehead mistake.

I’d also planned on taking the kids to have lunch with Mike, but he has a jammed schedule, including lunch. So, scratch that.

I have a few more presents to give him, plus the gift that Annie picked out for him all by herself. I still have a few things tucked up my sleeve, but at this rate I’m expecting:

~My oven to explode
~The freezer to stop working
~The Earth to open up

I feel bad that nothing ever seems to go right when it comes to Mike’s birthday. We all just love him so much, especially Annabel and James. I love the way they look at him – with love, and admiration, and awe.

dancing wth Daddy

James and Daddy

I really wanted him to wake up to an amazing birthday. I’m sorry for messing it all up again, Mike. I love you so much, and every day I wake up and feel lucky that you are my husband and best friend. Thank you for loving us the way you do. We are so lucky.

Happy birthday (hopefully it all turns around after this)!

P.S. At least your presents were wrapped!