I love throwing parties, and I love Halloween. You put those two things together, and you have a very happy Heather. Mike, on the other hand, likes Halloween but tolerates parties. He knows how happy having a party makes me, but he also knows I can kind of go…overboard (exhibit a. exhibit b.). He jokingly said that he was going to write into our marriage vows that I could only throw three parties a year. I didn’t officially agree to that because what if we won the lottery? I would have a party in my house 24/7.

Anyway, after much discussion and perhaps some deal making, Mike agreed to a Halloween party this year. And all was good in the world.

There were awards!


There was food!

the food

There was drink!

drinks and tootsie spiders

There was beer in a pumpkin!

pumpkin keg

Obviously there were other, non-alcohol-filled pumpkins!

our Halloween House

And of course, there were costumes:

Happy Hunger Games!
Caesar Flickerman, Katniss Everdeen, and Effie Trinket

Happy Hunger Games!

The five inch heels lasted for about an hour. The wig was tight but it was nothing compared to the eyelashes:


I suffer for Halloween.

Annie’s costume required a bow and arrow, so I got her a Brave set thinking it could work for both Katniss AND Merida. She was over the moon about it, and I told her to just let me know when she wanted to switch into her Merida costume (I’d left it laid out on her bed).

Snow White and Katniss

After an hour I found her playing with her friend Meghan (Snow White, above) and asked her if she wanted to change into her Merida dress. Right then her cousin Michaela walked in dressed as Snow White and Annie called an audible.

Snow White x3

Then my friend Allison showed up as Snow White, and not only did the little girls flip out (“The real Snow White is here!”) but everyone started joking that they didn’t get the memo about dressing as the Fairest of Them All.

The REAL Snow White ZOMG

But, we had other fun costumes:

Huck Finn and Spock
Huck Finn and Spock

Katniss Everdeen and a Butterfly
Sweet Lucy butterfly

assorted children

Caesar, Effie, Venus, Katniss, Spock, Huck, Witch
My crazy family

I wasn’t good about getting pictures of everyone, but we also had Hula girls, ninja turtles, several super heroes, Minnie Mouse, a Jedi, a banana, a doctor, a nurse, a patient,  the Karate Kid, and Christian Grey, to name a few.

The kids had a blast running around, but no one had as much fun as Annie. She was in her element, surrounded by her friends in her own house. It was the most happy and confident I’ve ever seen her. As we put her to bed she said to us, “I love Halloween, can we have another party tomorrow?” I started laughing and Mike said, “I am never going to win between the two of you.”

Halloween parties forever!