Annabel is really losing her hair. She has some on the top, and some on the sides and the back. She’s the baby girl version of Krusty the Klown. I think her disappearing hair makes her look even more adorable, but she doesn’t agree.

She is having an identity crisis.

People always used to exclaim when they saw her, “oh, look at how much hair she has!” but those remarks are no more. She got wrapped up in the identity her hair provided, so without her hair, who is she?

Needless to say, her confidence is in the dumps.

hair crisis!

I tried to explain to her that this happens to all babies, it even happened to her sister. She wouldn’t listen. So I told her I couldn’t make her hair grow back, but I could help her temporarily fix her problems. She agreed to let me help her out.

First, I fitted her with some braids. My little viking!

viking Annie

She decided it wasn’t really her best look.

Next we tried something with a little more sparkle:


We quickly realized that wasn’t right, because the beads were really fun choking hazards. Maybe the Oompa Loompa look would fit her better:

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do

Nah. Annie suggested a ‘do that dated back to the original inhabitants of the US:

dances with diapers

We call her “Dances With Diapers.”

Finally, I fitted her with what I believe is the most accurate look for her, what with all the curly haired genes she has:

baby power!

Baby power!

In the end, she decided that losing her hair isn’t so bad. *cue Christina Aguilera* She realized she IS beautiful, lost hair or no. And really, who is looking at the hair when they can look at this?

just perfect little Annie

That grin is all I can see.