When I was a little kid, I looked like this:
Look at that hair! Those were the glory days. All natural and golden blond. I don’t think I could pull off bangs like that now. Mostly because, who has bangs that take up half their scalp these days? I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in that picture. Probably praying I don’t get dragged off by rabid dogs.

As I grew older, I made every effort to keep it that original blond color. For a while.
vote or die
(sidebar – that is a New York City voting booth circa 2004. Someone please tell me they are a little more up-to-date now, and filled with far less-dorky voters.)

In my mind, even today, when I think of myself I think of that hair color. I still check off “blond” on my driver’s license. I turn my nose up at blond jokes. But. I am not a blond anymore. My hair has slowly been getting darker. Time marched on and so did my desire to highlight my hair every eight weeks. Still, I just can’t get it through my head. So when I look at pictures like these:
hey there
same face
I think, HOLY CRAP my hair got DARK.

I need to accept my hair for what it is now, and not what it was. Which leads me to my next issue. I have an appointment to get my hair did this weekend. It’s my semi-annual snip session (because who has time for quarterly cuts) and I need to do something about the mess that my hair color has become.
I don’t even know what color that is up there. Is it brown? Red? Blond on the end? D, all of the above?

I’ve been living the last month hoping that Sarah from Hair Thursday will accost me on the street with fabulous hair tips, but alas, we have yet to run into each other. So, internet friends and real life friends (because I know you’re out there), help my head get pretty. Should I go back to being blond? Accept my inner brunette? Or bring out the natural red low light thing I have going on? And furthermore, should I bring back the bangs?

Or, should I just bring this little thing in to the stylist and say, “copy?”
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