So…listen. I have a confession to make. I have internet friends. I know that makes me sound like I play Second Life with a bunch of nerds. While it’s true that maybe I’ve dabbled in Second Life (I was on bed rest and it was after that one episode of “The Office” so gimme a break), sometimes I get embarrassed when I refer to my internet friends because it sounds so…hmm. Lame? I dunno. Point being, I have decided to do what I can to make my internet friends Real Life friends. It also helps when they only live a few miles away.

This weekend, I met Stefanie. I know what you’re thinking, and I made sure it was in a public place because it’s clear that the sleep deprivation from mothering three tiny people has knocked a few of her screws loose. She was signing the latest of her awesome books, so since, in her words, her husband was watching her shorties, we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity to grab some face time.

What do we have in common, you might be wondering? Well, besides being exceptionally hot, we both have babies that are teeny. Her twin daughters were born premature, a few weeks after Maddie. One of the twins is a big fatty at over 13 pounds, but tiny little Sadie is, at her last weigh in, nine pounds three ounces. We commiserated over our white wine cocktails and tried to figure out how we could make our two little girls as big as The Fat Twin (poor Matilda, we mean it in a loving way).

So, why do you care about all this? Because today Miniature Maddie and Slim Sadie are both getting weighed, and I’m running a contest. Whoever correctly guesses Maddie and Sadie’s weight gets some prizes. This is harder than you might think. Both Maddie and Sadie have been known to gain a pound in seven days. They’ve also been known to lose weight, or gain nothing for weeks.

I promised awesome prizes, and I always deliver. I’m like Papa John’s pizza. Here is my baby spokesmodel with all the loot:
baby not included

The person who guesses correctly (or closest) will win a fitted woman’s Billabong t-shirt, Neutrogena Deep Cleanser, Neutrogena Healthy Defense daily moisturizer, Neutrogena Moisture Rich Sunless tanner, Neutrogena Mineral Shears Blush, and a copy of Stefanie’s latest book, Naptime Is the New Happy Hour. I’m not good at math, but I think that all adds up to like $12,817 in prizes.

To enter, leave a comment on this entry. I’ll announce the winner May 13 after 2pm PDT.