As I’m writing this, there is still about an hour left of my dad’s birthday. He is 30 years older than me, which means next year we’ll both have big birthdays to celebrate.

I didn’t grow up with a grandfather -both of my parents’ fathers passed away before I was old enough to know them. Grandfathers always seemed so cool and mysterious to me because of that. Sort of mythical, in a way. That’s why I think it’s so great to see Maddie interact with my dad.


She adores him. Her face lights up when she sees him. I know he lives to make her laugh, and he succeeds every time they are together.

New Favorite!

I am really excited to see their relationship develop over the years. As much as I hope Maddie has a relationship with my mom like the one I had with my grandmother, I have similar desires for Maddie and my dad. I want her to be best friends with both of my parents. I can’t wait to see the memories they create together.

Maddie and Gramps

Happy birthday, Grandpa! And many, many more.

**Yeah, my dad is totally wearing a Lebowski Fest t-shirt. He is just that cool