Our October is absolutely jammed with activities, so this past weekend was really the only time we could get in a visit to our local farm. The weather did its best to thwart our plans, with 90 degree days and strong winds. The wind died down enough yesterday for us to go, so we braved the heat and went to enjoy the fall festival.

the farm

The first thing Annabel wanted to do was pick out pumpkins for all of us. Since I am a total pumpkin hoarder, I approved of this.

takes pumpkin picking very seriously

takes pumpkin picking very seriously

Once Annie was satisfied with her pumpkin selections, we explored the farm a bit. We came across the pony rides, and of course, Annie went nuts.

pony ride

There were a lot of other things to see and explore:

Tunneling through

that's a biiiiiig ostrich
Hi Ostrich, my name is Annabel!

hay spider
Hay spider, not to be confused with HEY THERE IS A SPIDER KILL IT KILLLLL IIIIIIT.”

The highlight for her was the pig races. Unlike last year, Annie jumped to her feet the second the host asked for volunteers. Annie got to represent our entire section, and was totally adorable doing it.

our section's cheerleader

She was much more into waving her flag than watching the race.

annie is more into her flag

She received a very special prize for her efforts:


After the races, we went on a tractor ride through the farm grounds. We came across a giant eucalyptus tree that had blown over in the previous day’s wind and split another tree in half. Yikes.

one fallen tree split another tree

The ride was very peaceful, and it was neat to see all the inner workings of the farm, but Annabel wasn’t into it. “When can I eat? I want berries! I need water. It’s loud! I wanna get offfffff.” Yay, kids!

tractor ride

When I took Annie to the farm last year, I’d only just (as in, mere hours) found out I was pregnant with James. Time is flying by because he was there with us yesterday, but instead of being a cluster of cells he was four months old.

pumpkin pie James
Doing his Miley impression.

He wasn’t really into picking out pumpkins.

the baby is not impressed

Luckily, his sister picked out approximately 1,817 for all of us. Hopefully she’ll share.