Maybe you’ve heard about that crazy fad making its way around the internet, the Dad Bod? According to the girl who popularized the term, the Dad Bod is “a nice balance between a beer gut and working out…not an overweight guy, but not one with washboard abs, either.” I have no problem with the Dad Bod (I am married to a dad, after all), but there’s another body type that I find super cute: The Tod Bod.


The Tod Bod is owned by a little kid between the ages of one and four. You can identify a Tod Bod by the following characteristics:

1) Large, round bellies.

tummy tummy tummy


The belly is the gas tank of the Tod Bod. The fuller, the better! Tod Bod owners don’t believe in sit-ups, mostly because they have barely mastered sitting up in general.

2) Legs that went from chubby to skinny overnight.

runner's legs

Running all over the place made those big baby thighs disappear. So many feels!

3) An alarming amount of scrapes and bruises.

bruised and battered

Owners of a Tod Bod are always going full-steam. Sometimes that means full-speed off the curb, or into a particularly confusing mirror.

4) Unself-conscious about what they eat.

The Tod Bod doesn’t care about Paleo, or Atkins, or juice cleanses. They just want to eat what tastes good.

eating shave ice

eating moon pies


mmm spicy

And they are always hungryespecially for whatever snack or meal you just made for yourself, or maybe that dead bug over there.

5) Surprisingly athletic.

little athlete

Don’t let that oversized belly fool you! Tod Bod-ers are actually pretty good at sports – especially the ones that don’t require a lot of focus, or rules, or coordination.

6) Intensely loveable

can't stop kissing

Anyone with a Tod Bod is a magnet for hugs and kisses (especially to their moms – #TheSnuggleIsReal). They even pull in other toddlers:

my favorites

Long-live the Tod Bod in all its pinchable glory!