My sweet niece Michaela turned two on Saturday, so off we went to her house to celebrate.

Michaela was dressed for the occasion:

well dressed
The chicest rock star fairy around

It turns out Michaela had received some dress up clothes for her birthday. Annie was intrigued.

hey, that looks fun!
Your crazy outfit looks like fun! I want one!

Annie’s first outfit was a princess cheerleader ensemble that is sure to be on the runways next season:

time for the servants to feed us

The outfits were perfect for coloring and reading.

what can we destroy?

pausing to read

Eventually Annie grew tired of her princess cheerleader outfit, and put on a baby fembot slip. Michaela applauded her choice.

Annie, I applaud your wardrobe choices
Oh Annabel, the feathers on that slip really complement your bone structure.

Things took a turn when they tried to bring inanimate objects to life:

let's dress up this dolly
Michaela, I totally saw this on an episode of Abby’s Flying Fairy School! We can make this baby dance!

Luckily cake proved to be a good distraction.

whaaaaaaaat the hellllllllll?!
What is going ooooonnnnnnnn?!?!”

i'm gonna spit all over this!
I’m supposed to blow this out WITHOUT spitting on it? Ohhhhh Kaaaaaay…

Annie hasn’t stopped talking about her cousin “Mahglagla” since we left. Best buddies!