There is only one almost fool-proof way to calm Annie down when she’s upset – play her music. If there is music on in our house, she is happy as can be.

Now, combine music with TV? You know, that big box with moving shiny things? Annie is rapt with delight.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Glee is a Very Big Deal in our household. Annabel sits still for an HOUR and watches the WHOLE SHOW.

watching Kurt channel Evita

Although, to be honest, she doesn’t exactly stay still for long.

She dances!

Rachel and Finn, make up!

Look at their dance moves!

I can do that!

Watching her watch Glee is my favorite thing. What’s funnier than a baby squealing and dancing? Especially when the Puck character comes on the screen. Annie is a sucker for a bad boy.

Still pictures only tell part of the story. To get the full Annie dancing experience, you have to watch the clip below. It took all my concentration to not laugh and distract her.

seriously my most favorite video of her ever.

Now you understand why I have ten episodes of Glee saved on my DVR.