For my fourteenth birthday, I received a gift certificate to go to Glamour Shots. When I was growing up, there was a Glamour Shots in every mall in the San Fernando Valley.  I was STOKED to get that present. I’d wanted Glamour Shots taken since I was nine or ten. I’d wanted to get the pictures taken right away, but I had to wait for softball all-stars to be over. It was an excruciating month-long wait.

I don’t remember a lot of the session other than the guy that did my hair and makeup made me feel like I was the most gorgeous girl ever.  My mom said that after the session we went to a restaurant and she was tempted to have me order a drink. She was certain I wouldn’t have been carded. Looking at the picture, I have to agree.

Remember people…it was the early nineties. The fashions of the eighties hadn’t quite left The Valley.

Here I am in all my Glamour Glory.

Glamour Shot Circa 1993

Can you believe I’m onlyFOURTEEN in that picture? Can you believe the bedazzled and befringed coat? CAN YOU BELIEVE THE HAIR?! You can’t even SEE all of my hair – it went almost to my waist. I just heard Whoorl’s head explode.

That freaking picture was in the entry way of my parents’ house until they remodeled. A nice glossy 8×10, framed. My brother LOVED to point it out to people. Mike thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world. But Mike doesn’t know that there are OTHER POSES!!! My mom could only find this one print. I happen to know there is an image of me floating around out there that has me wearing…a red cowboy hat on! Big hair! Red cowboy hat! Like I was Miss Texas or something. There is a part of me that is glad my mom couldn’t find that picture…and the other part is hoping it turns up when I need a REALLY good laugh.

The pictures are fun to laugh at now, but I am glad that fourteen year old Heather had such a fun experience. A fun experience that, thankfully, predated digital photography.