As some of you know, Mike and I had our first baby in February of 2005. We named her Eleanor Rigby, or Rigby for short.
HI! I'm Rigby. Do you have people food for me?
She’s adopted.

We love Rigby so much. She taught us responsibility and how to love something besides ourselves. She also taught me how fun it is to dress up things that are small and defenseless.
USC Rigby Park Avenue Rigby Teddy Bear Rigby Lady Bug Rigby Santa Rigby Officer Rigby
Her wardrobe is extensive. And seriously, she loves wearing clothes. If you hold up a shirt or shoes or a coat, she will run over and sit so you can put the clothes on her. Such a girl.

Old School Spohrs 2006For a long time, it was just the three of us, Mike, Rigby, and me, and life was perfect. When I became pregnant, she seemed to sense something was going on. She was suddenly extra protective of me, barking at anyone who came near. When I was laying down, she would wrap herself around my growing belly. We figured that even though Rigby had been spayed, she still had that maternal instinct. Then we brought Maddie home. Rigby was not amused.

When people would come to see the baby, Rigby would demand attention from them. She’d climb into their laps and bark and do anything to get attention. Our once moderately behaved dog became a badly behaved dog. YET. She never showed any animosity toward Maddie. In fact, if Maddie cried or fussed, Rigby would run over to the bassinet to alert us that the baby! needed! help!
The baby! needs! help!
She wouldn’t ever get too close to the baby, but she accepted her as part of the pack.

One night I had Maddie on the ground for a little tummy and back time. Rigby usually stayed away when we’d play on the ground, but this time she jumped off the couch and slowly crept over to where Maddie and I were playing. I kept my eyes on her as she sniffed Maddie. She then turned around, but instead of leaving, she snuggled up next to Maddie. We almost died.
Hey, this thing is kind of warm and snuggly

Ever since then, Rigby totally digs Maddie. She loves to come sit on her feet when she’s being fed. She sniffs her any chance she can get. Basically, they’re best buds. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
Just watching the game