Annie isn’t the only one with Frozen Fever around here. Mike and I are singing the songs non-stop. Last week, Mike was doing his best Idina Menzel impression, belting out “Let It Go,” when Annie cut him off with a curt, “Boys don’t sing that, Dad! Only girls!” Lately Annie has been increasingly concerned with what girls do and don’t do. I don’t know where it’s all coming from, because while Mike and I have supported Annie’s love for princesses, we’ve always  been careful never to limit her understanding of what girls can do, i.e. girls (and boys!) can do anything. In fact, the other day we were watching football when she said, “I’m going to do that when I’m older!” and Mike and I both replied at the same time, “Yeah!”

I wasn’t about to let Annie think that songs were only meant for boys or girls, so I told her that anyone could sing any song. Annie didn’t agree with me on this. “In the movie, the girls sing that song so only girls are allowed to sing it. IT IS IN THE MOVIE WITH GIRLS.” It was hard to argue with that three-year-old logic, so I dropped it with the intention of bringing it up again.

I got my chance a few days later when I heard Annie in her room singing “In Summer,” the song sung by Olaf the snowman (emphasis on “man”) in the movie. Mike and I ran back to her room and said, “Girls, don’t sing that, Annie! Only boys!”

Annie looked at us, surprised, and said, “But I like to sing it!”

“You said only girls can sing ‘Let It Go.’ If that’s true then only boys can sign ‘In Summer’ because Olaf is a boy.”

Annie thought for a second, then said, “You can sing ‘Let It Go’ if you want to, Daddy.”

Then Mike and I high-fived, because obviously.

face painted

I have a feeling this what girls do/boys do thing is only going to continue as James gets older (and gets into Annie’s stuff). This is gonna be fun.