We Spohrs had a fantastic Christmas. We spent Christmas with Mike’s family up in the San Francisco Bay area, and then wrapped up with a few days at my parents’ house. Mike and I reflected on our Christmas of last year:

Holiday Maddie

And then we took a WAY better family photo:


Don’t be jealous of us in our red striped glory. We know we look awesome.

Santa was extremely generous to our family. Madeline CLEANED UP. Tons of toys and clothes, more than a thirteen month old could ever need. For her gift to us, Maddie gave Mike and me half a pound of weight gain in ten days. WOOT! She’s now a robust fourteen and a half pounds. You know, the size of your average four month old.

Anyway, Christmas with kids is a lot of fun. Maddie didn’t understand what was going on, of course. But my oldest nephew? Oh my. He is four and we had a blast looking for Santa in the sky, leaving out cookies, and sitting under the Christmas tree.

looking for Santa

Santa's cookies


In the end, Christmas proved to be a little too much for Maddie and my younger nephew.

sleeping one year olds

All in all, a damn good Christmas.