I just got back from a really great girls’ trip to Vancouver, Canada. I haven’t been to British Columbia in over twenty years, but it was as beautiful as I remembered.




We managed to do a ton of stuff in the short amount of time we were there. Some highlights:

~Seeing a hat trick at a Canucks game.


~Going to Chinatown and spending some time in a gorgeous garden.


~Enjoying a tea service.


~Sitting high above the city in a revolving restaurant.

~Taking a water taxi to Granville Island and wandering the stalls and shops.

granville island

~Visiting Stanley Park.

Stanley Park

~Eating amazing food (we ate at Thierry, TUC Craft Kitchen, Urban Tea Merchant, Yew, the Teahouse, and Zefferelli’s.

I also did some things outside of my comfort zone, like ice skate. I don’t normally ice skate because I like not having broken bones, but peer pressure and universal health care convinced me to give it a go. Also, these little child skate doo dads were helpful:

trying to not fall
Right when I realized this thing would not prevent me from falling forward.

Some of my friends even went to Capilano Suspension Bridge park, which has a suspension bridge that hangs about 250 feet above the ground. It looked absolutely beautiful and absolutely like something that would make me dizzy. As I said to my friends, “I really want you guys to go and take pictures I can look at from the safety of my bed.”

This thing bounces and sways in the breeze. Nooooooope.

We also had a lot of late nights laughing in each other’s rooms, catching up on our lives, reminiscing, and missing those who weren’t there. The solid chunk of time together is my favorite part of any girls’ weekend. We get to focus on ourselves and each other, and I love how we easily fall back into our comfortable friendships.

we're on a boat



I also love Canadian candy, but that was just icing on the cake.

canadian candy