Yesterday I took a day to be just me. Well, an afternoon. I went to the mall, where I could be just me, surrounded by a bazillion people.

I walked around. Tried on clothes and bags and shoes. I went into stores with breakable things and I didn’t have to worry about anyone breaking anything. Well, anyone besides me.

I emerged from the mall as the sun was going down, and it looked glorious.

orange sky
Southern California never fails when it comes to January Sunsets.

I stood on the roof of the parking lot for a while, under the orange sky, breathing the cool air. It was time to go home.

As I drove up the street before mine, the giant full moon suddenly came into view. It was shining like a bright white sun. I sped past my house and drove up to the top of the highest hill in our neighborhood. I got out of the car. The view was perfect. The moon lit up the whole valley.

I was still just me. I didn’t want to be just me anymore.

I jumped back in my car and drove back to my house. I ran through the front door, grabbed the dog, and told Mike and Annie to come with me. I didn’t say where we were going or why.

As we drove up the hill through the neighborhood, I smiled to myself. This was going to be so perfect. We’d make the curve at the top of the hill and the moon would come into view. Mike and Annie would be so amazed by the moon’s size.

In my head, it was going to play out like a scene from a movie.

We arrived at the same spot I’d been in just a few minutes earlier. I pulled Annie out of the car and Mike climbed out. “What are we doing in this parking lot?” Mike asked.

“LOOK.” I said pointing. “Look how beautiful the moon is!”

Annie didn’t want to look at the moon. She made it loudly known that the only thing she wanted was her princess book still in the car.

Mike didn’t want to look at the moon. He wanted Annie to chill out and not disturb the houses nearby.

It was not like a movie.

full moon

I wanted them to see what I saw – the moon as bright as I’d ever seen it, and so big and close it looked like I could pluck it right out of the sky. It was too spectacular to keep to myself. At least I tried.

But maybe next time I try I won’t get my hopes up.